As a brief introduction to how Haskell FFI works, I’ll be talking about my memfd package, which is available on Hackage. Part 1 of this article lays out…
A complete overview of the modern Haskell defaults
Today I'm talking about my 'memfd' library, a concise example of FFI in Haskell.
Go straight to STM: why we teach it first
Java from a Haskeller's perspective; an explanation of why interfaces are sort of, but not quite, related to typeclasses.
The burden of things.
How I changed my NixOS habits using Flakes to avoid excessive rebuilding
Posing a difficulty with composition
Higher-kinded products
Keep it how you like.
Finding Success (and Failure) in Haskell is our first book and is available digital format now. This post describes where the book comes from and its…
Our second book, Sockets and Pipes, is in early access! Some reflection on how this project began, and why Haskell is a great language for teaching…